Our Journey: Ethical Production


From the beginning, ethical production has always been an important priority for Jolie Laide. In 2016, we started working with a team of artisans in Leon, Mexico. We began slowly and started working with the team at Monte Blanco, run by Martin and Teresita. They make it their mission to employ at-risk vulnerable women, while continuing to teach them new skills and tactics as they grow. 


 The journey to working with artisans is not an easy one, though it’s the right one - for the quality of the products and for the quality of life of who create them.

 Our Mission: Sustainability


We believe that true sustainability is utilizing the highest quality materials that can last a lifetime while also giving back to the community that produces them and causing as little harm possible to our plant.  Today, one of the fashion industry's biggest challenges is reducing the environmental impact on our planet. One of the key related issues is the amount of waste produced from low-quality fast fashion items that end up in landfills. These items are usually made up of plastic, polyester and PVC (vegan leather) which take lifetimes to biodegrade. 



All our leather is by-product leather from local, farm raised cattle. The leather is always full-grain and vegetable tanned.

What does this mean?
It means that each product we create uses the full thickness of the hide (skin), not skived down to 10 sheets of “leather” for one skin and then coated in plastic and disguised as leather like many fast fashion brands. Our leather is then cleaned and vegetable dyed, which allows the skin to stay supple and beautiful.
How do you know it’s good leather?
It should always get better with age.
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