Our Story 

Inspired by travel, tradition and

high quality craftsmanship.


Full-grain leather products crafted and stitched by hand in Leon, Mexico. Produced by small family run businesses who, for generations, have worked with leather from production to conception. Using techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation, we are proud to work with skilled Mexican artisans and keep their mastery and expertise alive.

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The story of Jolielaide, who we are and what inspires us. See more at Jolielaide.ca
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Jolie Laide designer Jacqueline Flaggiello

 The Founder 

Jolie Laide was established in 2014,

 by Jacqueline Flaggiello.


A photographer first, Jacqueline was inspired by a need of her own; for a simple, yet beautiful camera strap. From here, Jolie Laide was born. By combining exotic textiles from around the world along with the highest quality leathers, Jacqueline has been able to bridge the craftsmanship and traditions of both worlds to now design travel accessories that are innovative and refined. Her vision is to create a lifestyle brand that keeps artisanal craftsmanship thriving, while also designing thoughtful, classic accessories that will last a life time.


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Ethical production

Authenticity and transparency is important to us and important to our customers.


Ethical production is paramount to us. In an industry dominated by mass production in low-wage countries, Jolie Laide is distinctive. We care about the cycle of design, production and distribution. Each step of the process – from the leather we select to the health, safety and well-being of our artisans to the consumers who invest in our products. All of these must be aligned with our ethics and mission.

Leather Care


Vegetable dyed leather is more sensitive and porous than the leathers you see in the mass market. Lack of chemicals during the tanning process allows the patina to keep its supple shape and natural rich, deep tone. Yet, this also makes vegetable tanned leather more sensitive to the elements. Overtime, we feel this enhances the leathers natural beauty.

Please Note: To keep leather soft and hydrated utilize mink oil all over, ideally more frequently during dryer, colder months.

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