Nomad Collective x Jolie Laide | Introducing The Modern Tribe & The Modern Indigo

Since Jolie Laide began about a year and a half ago we have had a lot of exciting things occur throughout our journey. From meeting amazing Canadian photographers, talking shop with local designers and working with savvy retailers along the way, we have slowly but surely really begun to grow into that lifestyle and travel brand that is true to our taste and honest to the image and values we hope to portray and represent.

Jolie Laide Leather Camera Straps


Yet,aesthetically after a year of grinding and working away with great progress Jolie Laide still felt that our true audience was always somewhere out there, out where? Well, if you haven’t already noticed I have a strong nostalgia for 1970’s California; the desert, the textiles and all the sunshine a girl could take (More posts on that shorty) Furthermore, I have always loved the idea of collaboration and being part of something bigger then myself. Hence, the idea of collaborating with an organization that not only has impeccable taste, but also understands fashions ethical and social responsibility to foster creativity in developing countries sounds like a dream come true. And yes, here’s where dreams come true.

Joshua Tree: By Brooke Morgan of the Nomad Collective

Bend Not Break: Taken in Joshua Tree: Photographed by Brooke Morgan

Late last year, the Nomad Collective reached out to Jolie Laide to collaborate on two new camera straps and we were secretly (or not so secretly) over the moon. The Nomad Collective, run by the amazing Brooke Morgan, is a global collective that celebrates the undiscovered by connecting artist and artisans from around the world to the modern marketplace. Every item that they carry has a story and a face behind it.

“I found that I can be creative and help others simultaneously,” she says. “I love working with creative people and connecting those who might otherwise be worlds apart. Nomad is a global collective that seeks to connect artists and artisans worldwide to the modern marketplace. We strive to promote collaborative efforts” – Brooke Morgan


The Nomad Collective Interoirs

Headquarters of the The Nomad Collective in Nashville, TX




The collective has partners in Africa, South America, Turkey and right here in the States. Lastly, their mission is simple: work hard, live honorably and do the best they can with what they have to ultimately be better humans. Jolie Laide feels incredibly fortunate to work with this amazing collective and hopes to have more collaboration to come.







Modern Tribe Leather Camera Strap



The Modern Tribe is accented with a beautiful contrasting Mud cloth, which is made by Isa Toure, a textile artist from Burkira Faso, West Africa. His black and white motif is especially unique, which each camera strap having its own variation from the textile.



Leather Camera Strap

Leather Camera Strap

Lastly, The Modern Indigo is accented by Indigo textile made by women in the Republic of Mali,West Africa yet purchased by Brooke by a vendor in California who works directly with the women artisans.

Thank you for the phenomenal collaboration Brooke!

Make sure to check out the rest of there beautiful selection of artisan goods here.




The Modern Indigo 2




Jolie Laide