How To Clean Your Handmade Leather Camera Strap

The Classic Nomad Handmade Leather Camera Strap. How to clean your Handmade Leather Camera Strap

Over the last year, we have received many inquiries about how to clean and care for a Jolie Laide, Handmade Leather Camera Strap and how to maintain the color and vibrancy of our multiple textiles. Hence, we thought it was time we would put together a little step-by-step guide on how to clean and care for your leather camera strap to keep it polished, refreshed and lasting for many years to come.

Leather maintenance in general can be a pain and inconvenience with some of our favorite everyday items; our leather bags, boots and accessories etc. but just like any other great leather investment piece, to keep it sharp and last a lifetime, one has to take some time to maintain it. This is actually way easier and more time efficient then one thinks.

The Classic Brandy Leather Camera Strap by Jolie Laide

What You’ll Need

  • 1. Clean rags or paper towels
  • 2. Water with a drop or two of diluted Natural/Mild Dish Soap
  • 3. Leather Moisturizer Oil/Wax: Mink Oil is what I use which not only preserves but also protects, conditions and softens and has a water proofing compound (and it’s under 10$)
  • 4. A candle/ lighter or a blow dryer (Heat Source)
  • 5. Clean Hands
  • 6. Jolie Laide Leather Camera Strap
Handmade Leather Camera cleaning kit by Jolie Laide

Step 1: Clean your Leather Camera Strap

So simple, so easy; find a clean white cloth and dip it into the diluted water. Rub it along the inside of the strap and then around the edges then down. You’d be surprised how much dirt accumulates after awhile.

How to clean your leather camera strap by Jolie Laide

Step 2: Add you Leather Oil or wax

Since the majority of our handmade leather camera straps are accented with exotic fabrics and textiles, some of them lighter in tone, do be cautious not to get it on the textile. This could stain them and this is probably, like most oils un-fixable. Hence, make sure you place a touch of leather oil on a clean cloth and NOT directly on the leather camera strap. Once you place the oil on the cloth sparingly rub the inside and the edges of the leather camera strap. Wait for it to dry: 5 minutes. The leather will darken, but it’s only temporary so don’t freak out.

Note: A little goes a long way with cleaning leather, so make sure you don’t over do it with too much water, rubbing, oils, wax’s or heat. A little TLC is all it needs to keep it fresh and make our straps or any leather product, last a lifetime.


How to clean your leather camera strap by Jolie Laide

Step 3: Apply Leather Wax & Heat

After this apply the Mink Oil Wax, which needs only a little to go a long way. Apply the wax sparingly over the same leather parts, yet since it’s a solid it will need some heat for the leather to absorb the wax and protect it the best. After the wax it sparingly rubbed into the leather find a blow dryer or a lighter to move around the leather camera strap so the wax heats and the leather absorbs the protective properties. NOTE: Do not place heat too close to the object as it could damage the textile or leather.

Step 4: Final Step: The Clean Up

After this is complete your leather will probably be slippery and waxy, to make sure it absorbs after the heat place it in a cool place to lock in the oils/wax. Wait at least a couple of hours before use. This will allow it time for it to dry up and prevent the wax’s and oils from transporting on your clothing.

The Traveler Leather Camera Strap by Jolie Laide

10 Minute’s Later…

By maintaining your leather camera strap every couple of months, you allow it to stay flexible and prevent the leather from cracking or splitting from dry or harsh temperatures. Our leather camera straps are an investment you shouldn’t have to replace but instead maintain as you travel the world.

Check out The Traveler and the rest of our leather camera straps here!

Thanks so much for reading guys!


Jolie Laide

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