|| C A L I F O R N I A C A T I O N ||

              <<<—LAX—-> Orange County—-> Palm Springs—-> Joshua Tree—-> LAX—>>>


7 days & 7 nights. Living out of the backseat, sleeping in shotty Motels / Cars / Beaches / Whereev’. Pulling over for washroom stops, everywhere and anywhere. Surviving off Baha Tacos, Trail mix and anything Mexican. Always trying to avoid IN n OUT burger. 28 degrees on a bad day.
Venise Beach is a trip. Don’t make eye contact with someone holding a Boa Constrictor. 
Sneaking into pools on the Hollywood Hills and any motel that looked relatively safe. The ACE, The Parker, The Ahola Inn? Attacked by Cacti while trying to be fashion (still have the scars).  Desert walks, more sunrises then sunsets and those waves…
Muted colours, retro vibes, friendliest humans live in Joshua Tree. Still don’t like tye-dye anything.
Patchouli forever. More surf then swim. More bike then walk. More alcohol then water.
And then there’s the desert… Rattlesnales and Dr. Seuss botanicals. Mirages and Dehydration. Nothing and Everything. I want it all again.
Not sure what else to say except I’m not sure why I still live in Canada. 
Never think twice. California is ALWAYS a muthafuckin good idea x 
*Press play and do scroll. Any nudity is unintentional but actually very intentional* Thx frwdz x




Jolie Laide

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