ON FILM | Tulum Travel Diary

It was the beginning of June and the last 6 months had been a wild whirlwind.

New product, lots of growth, work travel, moving! (the hardest thing in the world in Toronto) and The Citizens Collective Spring Market, which I co-found with my girl Kisha of Nomadic Citizen. I was toast and desperately needed a quick reboot.

And what better country to visit then one I had been to 10 times already and work there twice a year, Mexico. Even though I've known about Tulum since forever, I never felt inclined to visit. I've always much preferred to scope out the less popular cities and towns, like San Miguel de Allende or Guanajuato City. Nevertheless, it was time to visit this lush, design lovers, hippy haven. I only brought my Nikon AE1 35mm for this trip, an exercise in restraint, which in such a digital era is much needed. 

The first stop I dragged my boyfriend too was Casa Pueblo Hotel. Minimalist, warm and of course, bohemian.

casa pueblo hotel tulumcasa pueblo hotel tulum

The atmosphere is airy and light, with lots of texture and contrast and strong silhouettes. The perfect mix of high and low, simple and refined. The new clean Mexican aesthetic, they've perfected it - hands down. I've wanted to see this place ever since Brit Gill photographed it for Suitcase Magazine.

casapueblo hotel tulumcasa pueblo hotel tulum

I have always loved interiors and architecture and when I travel this is what I try to see, no matter the country. It's a level of visual stimulation that, besides nature it self, other things don't get me as excited.

Next we ventured to Casa Malca,Tulum.

The rumour about Casa Malca is that it use to be Pablo Escobar Mansion. After getting a tour, I can definitely see how. It was massive but still mysterious. When we asked about this to the staff, they said it was only a rumour and hard to prove - yet I realized quickly that this might now be a reputation they want to leave out. Either way the grounds were extraordinary, over the top and bit quirky. Fun and strange to say the least. 

Casa Malca TulumCasa Malca Tulum

Everything here is exaggerated. An outdoor museum if you will. Exhibit A: A swing the size of the entire building. Exhibit B: Myself photographed beside a potted plant the size of my body. I loved it. 

Casa Malca TulumCasa Malca Tulum

Once you get there the best views are from the top. There's a staircase to the roof which I highly recommend. The beach to one side and the Yucatan jungle on the other. That was definitely the highlight.

Casa Malca Tulum

Last stop: NOMADE Tulum

This place encompasses Tulum. We had lunch there and it felt like we were in the middle of the Sahara desert. All the servers were wearing nomadic threads, with wind chimes in the background and Spanish tunes moving with the wind. The most expensive tacos I've ever bought in Mexico hands down - but your clearly not paying for the tacos here, but the atmosphere, the ambience. 

Nomade Tulum

I didn't take many photos here. Once I start drinking my focus is off, but this gorgeous beach tipi was definitely worth trying. Below our only photo together, props to the server that had no idea what kind of camera I gave him.

Nomade Tulum

Through years of travel, I've learned that traveling light and comfortable is always the way to go, but unfortunately I'm still not that girl - I'm a bag lady with everything just in case I get cold in 40 degree heat and obviously my cameras close by. On this trip I only brought The Wabi-Sabi Tote and The Wabi-Sabi Belt Bags in Sunkissed, Brandy and Black (Cause I couldn't decide on a color!) See, bag lady.  

The Wabi-Sabi Tote Bag by Jolie LaideThe Wabi-Sabi Belt Bags

After visiting I highly recommend Tulum, simply because there is so much to see and do. Very inspiring and very developed for Mexico. I would definitely say it catered toward to a more tourist crowd, but in the best way. For all my travellers this is definitely a place you could go solo and make more friends then you know what to do with. 


Be well,

Jacqueline x

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