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The last time I travelled to California was about 3 years ago with an ex and we rented a car and did the whole Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, road trip beachgoers thing which was amazing – but this time it was different.

I stayed in the heart of downtown L.A which is a juxtaposition of gritty streets, beautiful secret shops and yes, lots of palm trees. After hustling at Unique L.A for 2 days I had some downtime to enjoy myself and explore my favourite boutiques, museums and the nightlife, of course.

Although I won’t speak much of the shops on Melrose, visiting some of my favourite brands and seeing their vision for themselves for the first time is quite awe-inspiring. Shops like Passenger, Isabel Marant and The Row. There was this beautiful indoor-outdoor quality to these shops which I love hopefully one day create. They are little worlds on to themselves. The Apartment by The Line was also an experience. Yet, this post is entirely devoted to the beautiful Getty Museum. 

The Getty Museum, Los Angeles Travel Journal

My energy to photograph seems to only come out when I’m close to nature which is interesting, so when I visited The Getty Center and Museum in L.A it was hard to put my camera down. There was a peacefulness at this museum that allowed one to totally concentrate on little details like shadows, shapes, and textures.

I’ve always loved the look of light leaks and lens flare, so I thought I’d try it on these images. It’s simple really – after you’ve completed your roll of film, roll it up half way and then open the back for a second – a small crack only-  then close it. This causes an unpredictability in light exposure on the film (which I love) – you can also destroy some images (which I did).


Back to The Getty.

As soon as I arrived at Richard Meier’s visual masterpiece in the sky, I was already in love with the vastness of it all. The beauty of this place is overwhelming, especially for someone who loves architecture. The modern, vast and clean exterior contrasted by the Victorian art and sculpture inside was clearly intentional as it worked so well for the eyes, and the mind. It was an all-day affair, one I wish to repeat one day. Words can’t quite encapsulate it – but it’s a must for any design, art or photography lover.

Perhaps I should have taken more images in  L.A, but as I grow and see so much over-saturation and cliche with photography, it begins to lose it’s emotion to me. I never want. Hence, the tactile nostalgia, unpredictable romance and excitement with film always has a way of reminding me why I feel in love with photography in the first place. 

Be well x


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