The Mayan Tribe | Leather Camera Strap Full Length
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The Mayan Tribe | Leather Camera Strap


The Mayan Tribe

Sourced in beautiful Leon, Mexico, the Mayan Tribe incorporates the classic triangle motif accented with complimentary bright teal, deep yellow and muted red.


Most cameras are compatible with our leather camera straps, as they are adjustable and can be used as a neck-strap or shoulder sling. Our straps naturally fit camera with rectangular lug mounts that are 1cm wide and 2mm thick, which includes all Canon and Nikon DLSRs.

– Full Length: 43 Inches (110cm)

– Neck Length and Width: 19.5 x 1.3 Inches (50cm x 3.5cm)

– Lower Length Laid Flat: 15x.39 Inches (40cm x 1cm)

– Lower Length adjustability of two holes once attached: 11-12Inches(27cm-30cm)

– Camera Hoop Insert/Attachment: 2mm thickness x 1cm width


Mexican Ribbon Textile

We continually collaborate with other brands, which share our vision of giving our customers exciting and innovative products every season.

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